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The Veg Box

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Congrats on getting your new Veg Box. Find out what’s inside and how to use it.

The Veg Box

What’s Inside

- 5 x 10L Plantmatter grow bags

- 5kg Coco

- 2 bottles of nutrients - Grow (black) and Bloom (white)

- 10ml Syringe

- 10m of Garden twine

- 20 x Skewers

- 5 x Ice cream sticks

- 5 x Jiffy pots

- 5 x Jiffy pellets

- 5ml Rooting gel (black)

- 5ml Kelpak (white)

- 60g Cal Mag

Read Post 9 - Another New Home - to find out how to use the contents of your new Veg Box. Leave us any questions, in the comments section and we'll gladly help you with answers.

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