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8. Feeding - Seedling Box

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Your babies will start to grow their first ”true“ leaves. Those are the serrated ones that start as a single blade and then become 3, 5, 7 and sometimes even 11 blades per leaf.

When you start to see 3 blades per leaf you can start feeding your babies. Follow our guide and send any questions our way, we’re here to help.

How to mix your nutrients

What you will need: 2 x 5L distilled/ filtered water.

1. Get your first 5L water bottle and your little nutrient bottles from your Box.

2. We don’t feed in the first week so you should have 6 bottles. ( 2 green, 2 gold and 2 silver)

3. This week you will feed your babies the first 2 green bottles.

4. Add 1 bottle at a time.

5. Shake the water well to mix it after each addition.

6. Leave to stand for 5 minutes between additions and then shake again.

( So that’s: add green bottle 1 / shake / leave to stand for 5 mins / shake / add green bottle 2 / shake / leave to stand for 5 mins / shake).

7. Now you’re ready to feed your babies.

8. Write on your bottle - “Nutrients week 1”.

9. You can keep this mix for up to a week in a cool dark place.

10. You’ll use it throughout the week, just shake well before use each time.

How to feed your seedlings

Have you read the watering guide in the previous post? If not go and do that now. This will all make a lot more sense when you’ve read it.

1. You want to start by giving your plants plain water first, to soak the soil. Water about 250ml of plain water around the edge of the bag.

2. Now, give each plant 250ml of the nutrient mix. ( Again, go in down the edge of the bag ).

3. Repeat for all your plants.

4. Save your mix in a cool dark place.

5. You can repeat this feeding process every 2 - 3 days, until all the mix is finished.

6. Remember to water first and shake your nutrient mix before adding it.

Next week you will mix and feed with the gold bottles and in the last week you will use the silver bottles. You’ll repeat this whole process again next week and the week after, with the corresponding colours.

Want to to see how our babies changed after feeding? This is what a week of feeding can do.

See cotton Candy’s life so far in this quick video. We’d love to see your grow. Join the forum and get sharing.

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