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7. Sizing Up

So, your babies have outgrown their little Jiffy homes? Follow along to see how to mix your medium, fill your bags and plant your little seedlings into their new fabric bags. If you don’t have new homes, order the Seedling Box now.

Remember if you have any questions, put them in the comments section and we’ll help you. Don’t be shy, someone else may have the same question. We’re all here to learn.

Mixing your medium

1. Get a big bowl or bucket ( it needs to fit 15L ).

2. Place the brick of coco into the bowl.

3. Cover with water ( 5 - 10L ) *remember to use distilled or filtered water.

4. Wait around 15 minutes for the water to be absorbed and the coco to break down.

5. You can assist the process a bit, by getting your hands in there and breaking up the coco and mixing it around.

6. Add the contents of the bag marked “vermiculite”.

7. Add the contents of the bag marked “perlite”.

8. Get your hands in and give it a good mix until everything is well combined.

Filling your bags

1. Get your fabric grow bags and your medium mix.

2. Fill each bag almost to the top. You want the medium to be loosely packed but holding a solid shape.

3. Keep any extra to top up later.

4. Repeat for the other 4 bags.

Planting your babies

Side note: Watch the video, it’s way easier than these instructions.

1. Make a hole in your medium with your hands. ( Push the medium out towards the sides of the bag ).

2. Get your seedling in its Jiffy pot and hold it over your filled grow bag.

3. Hold in one hand ( left ) whilst you gently tear the pot down one side with the other hand ( right ).

4. Then, gently cup the seedling and the medium in your right hand whilst removing the pot with the left hand.

5. Using both hands, gently place the seedling in the hole you made earlier in your medium.

6. Gently, hold the seedling with your right hand as you pack the medium around the stem with the left hand.

7. Press the medium in softly so your seedling is secure.

8. You can top up with the remaining medium if you need to. Otherwise, save it in an airtight container, to use later on.

9. Remember to move your ice cream stick over so you know who is who.

10. Repeat for the other 4 bags.

Watering your seedlings

1. You’ll want to water your seedlings in, after you transplant them. ( It helps fill any air gaps in the medium and you’ll have better success ).

2. Seedlings aren’t stable in their new homes yet, so it’s important to water carefully ( again only distilled or filtered water ).

3. We find it easiest to fill your spray water bottle so you have control over the flow of water coming out of the small top.

4. You’ll want to give each plant around 250ml - 500ml of water ( stop when the water starts to run out of the bottom of the bag - this is called runoff ).

5. Carefully pour the water around the edge of the bag in a circle ( not around the stem ).

More information about watering in our next post.

Your babies will will be happy in their new home for the next month or so. Then, you’ll need to order your Veg Box to get you through the vegetative stage.

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