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6. Topping up

So your babies have been in their little jiffy homes for a few days now? You should be keeping them hydrated, in a warm shady spot. You should notice them growing a bit each day and that they start to “stretch” for light.

Remember if you have any questions, put them in the comments section and we’ll help you. Don’t be shy, someone else may have the same question. We’re all here to learn.

At this stage, their little stems run the risk of growing faster than they can handle. It’s important to give them some support. That’s why we recommended emptying the jiffy pellets out and saving any extra in an air tight container. Now is the time to use it. Pack a little bit of the jiffy contents around the stem of your seedling. This will offer support for the stem. Give them a spray of water afterwards.

You will want to transplant your seedlings soon. If you don’t have a Combo Box, you’ll want to order your Seedling Box now.

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