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5. Dome homes

Seedlings love humid conditions. In places where the humidity is low, you’ll need to help your little babies out. There are 2 easy and cost efficient options you’ll have lying around at home.

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1. Dome home

This is our favorite method. Making a dome home for your babies is very easy. You should have some 5L water bottles or 2L plastic bottles lying around. Cut the tops off and place the bigger bottom over the entire pot and seedling. Remove and check on your babies regularly. They shouldn’t need it, but if they look like they’re drying out, give them a spray of water. Can’t say we didn’t tell you, they’ll look adorably cute in their new dome homes.

2. Cling wrap

If your babies are struggling with a lack of humidity, you may want to place them into a large bowl and wrap them up in cling film. Check on them regularly and open the wrap to let in fresh air. You don’t want your seedlings to get too wet so their stems become weak and break. If you find it’s getting too humid in there, poke a few holes in the cling wrap for ventilation.

Keep your babies in their humid home for a few days in a warm place, out of direct sun. Once you see them getting strong and tall, you can release them from their dome home to live outside as normal. You’ll want to keep them in a shady spot away from any wind.

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