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4. It’s jiffy time

Once your seeds have been in paper towel for a few days, they will have nice long tails ( around 3 - 5cm long ).

Now you’re ready to get those babies into their growing medium. We use jiffy pots and pellets because they make a great first home for your babies. Follow along to learn how to plant and care for your little ones. Remember if you have any questions, put them in the comments section and we’ll help you. Don’t be shy, someone else may have the same question. We’re all here to learn.

1. Get a large bowl and place the jiffy pellets inside.

2. Add water ( 500ml - 1L ).

3. Watch the pellets expand. Leave for around 10 minutes.

4. Once the pellets have expanded, get your pots ready.

5. You can place the pellet straight into the pot but we find this method a bit precarious. We prefer to empty the contents of the pellets out into a bowl and fill the pots with the medium.

6. Keep any extra in a sealed container to top up later ( more on that in a future post ).

7. Once you have filled all your pots to the top, get your seeds ready for planting.

8. Use your ice cream stick to make a hole in the medium, big enough to your seedling it fit comfortably in there.

9. Gently remove your seed from the paper towel ( Don’t let the root tip break ).

10. Carefully put the seed tail into the hole whilst holding the top.

11. Pack the jiffy around the seed tail and pinch around the top to give your seedling some support.

12. You want around 1-2 cm of the seedling poking out at the top.

13. Put your named ice cream stick in so you know who is who.

14. Repeat for the other 4 pots.

15. Gently spray all the seedlings to hydrate them.

16. You’ll want to keep them in a warm place out of direct sunlight.

17. Seedling babies actually like to be in a pretty humid environment.

If you’re home all day to care for them and spray them if you see them dry out, that’s great. If not, read the next post on how to maintain humidity.

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